ABOUT Starship Therapise

Larisa and Justine as cartoon Spock and Kirk.

How it All Started

Larisa and Justine met while they were in graduate school and have been co-conspirators ever since. They started working together at Blue Box Counseling and when Larisa departed for parts unknown (i.e. Chicago), they continued working together on numerous writing and research projects. 

In order to keep in touch with one another and share their love for fandom and psychology, they set off on an ongoing mission on the Starship Therapise.. To date, this mission has spawned both a podcast and a book.

Justine wears an orange shirt with a fox on it that says I'm a great listener.

Justine Mastin, LMFT

Justine Mastin, MA, LMFT, LADC, E-RYT 200 is the Kirk of the Starship Therapise. When she isn't arguing with Spock, she is also the owner/founder of Blue Box Counseling & Wellness, a private practice in Minneapolis. Justine specializes in working with clients who self-identify as being outside the mainstream.

Larisa Garski gives the Vulcan salute while riding an escalator at Comic-Con.

Larisa Garski, LMFT

Larisa A. Garski, LMFT is the Spokian First Officer of the USS Therapise. She is based in Chicago, IL where she works geeks, nerds, and their families on issues related to anxiety, depression, and the trauma that often comes from being a superhero.

Bring Larisa and Justine to Your Next Event

Larisa and Justine are available to speak about therapeutic fanfiction and its use, narrative therapy, and how fandoms can empower humans to rewrite their lives. Book Larisa and Justine to speak on a panel, educate your staff, or appear at a conference or convention as keynote speakers.

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Larisa and Justine smile at the camera in a selfie.
Justine and Larisa take a selfie at ComicCon.
Larisa and Justine as cartoon Spock and Kirk.
Larisa and Justine wear Star Trek uniforms and smile at the camera.
Justine and Larisa dressed as characters from Supernatural as they sign copies of their book.