Live Long and Podcast

Join Justine Mastin and Larisa A. Garski as they talk all things pop culture, fandom, and psychology. These co-conspirators are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, writers, and full-time Starfleet officers. Together, let us boldly go into therapy!

76: New Year, Nerd You

Ever wonder why your partner loves the games? Or why your partner doesn’t get your devotion to fandom? Join Kirk and Spock as we explore the undiscovered country of nerdom. #NewYearNewYou

73: Encanto

Join Kirk and Spock as they sing and dance (?!) their way through Encanto's magical world of transgenerational trauma. #givepapaya

66: The Rickasode

Join the Captain and Spock as they explore the galaxy of Rick and Morty, taking a pit stop at the planet, Modernity. #Thericky

58: Bridgerton, Part 1

Kirk and Spock beam down to Regency England to find out what happens when nobles stop being polite and start getting real. #RegencyGossipGirl

57: Baby Yoda Reloaded

Join the crew as they reflect on the journey of a thousand lightsabers, and process the renaming of Baby Yoda as Baby Grogu. #GroguSpoilers

53: Winter is Coming

With the winter season looming, the crew take some time to reflect on their year, and find gratitude for the small joys in life, like A Christmas Prince. #StarshipTheraprince

46: Politics!

Join Kirk and Spock as they talk about politics, without hurting themselves or others. #onetruepolitician

40: Picard Yourself

Join the Captain and her logical companion as they process their feelings about Starfleet's other great captain, Jean-Luc Picard. #Jeanlucingatyou

32: Coping with Legacy

The captain passes along the trauma of the Cardassian flu to Spock, and the two explore what it means to cope with a legacy that nobody wanted. #PassTheTrauma

31: Christmas Nightmares

The crew teams up with Jack Skellington to answer once and for all the trickiest question: is self-care even possible during the holidays? #WhatIsRest

30: 80's Movie Night Adventures

Join the crew as they explore the trials and tribulations of what it means to get where we're going, and those we meet along the way... especially ourselves. #PlanesTrainsandBabysitters

29: Be Your Own Boss

How to advocate for yourself: Coffee is for everyone! But in all seriousness, join the crew for an ep centered around self-advocacy and you. #GlenGarryYourself

28: Weird Dating

Join the crew for another 80's movie night featuring 'Weird Science' and a take down of 21st venture dating culture. See if you groan as often as Spock did while watching 'Weird Science.' #ProblematicScience

27: New Year, New You?

Join the crew as they celebrate the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah and answer the age old question: can you ever really be a new you? #AuldLangSpock

26: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Join the crew for our official Season 2 kick-off in Spock's favorite city: Chicago. Because, in the immortal words of today's antihero: "Life moves pretty fast. If you're not careful, you might miss it." #JeanieWasRobbed

25: GoT Special

Did you have feelings about the end of Game of Thrones? Well, so did the crew of the Starship Therapise. We've gathered together on the third moon of Risa to process, discuss, and cathart. Spoilers: We will be covering all eps of Game of Thrones #WinterWentPoorly

22: Bad Dad Thanos

Join Spock and Kirk as they re-experience The Avengers: Infinity War and discover all the ways that Thanos really was the baddest dad.

20: Lousy Smarch Weather

Are you feeling it too? The crew of the Starship Therapise have been hit hard by the winter doldrums. Join them in a battle against depression, from the Pacific Northwest!

18: Will Riker and the #Metoo Movement

Spock is back from her first officer retreat, and she's got some FEELINGS about one William Riker. Join Kirk and Spock as they wrestle with love, admiration, and disappointment on the Starship Therapise.

12: Self-Care as Activism

On this voyage the crew is headed to the planet self-care. Hop aboard, and discover how taking care of yourself is a form of microactivism! #MosquitoRise #Vote

11: Noir Narration as Self-Talk

Have you ever wanted to change up your internal monologue, so it pumps you up instead of pummeling you to ground? Join the Starship Therapise as they learn how to harness the power of the internal noir narrator, or...

Bonus: Blooper Reel

Due to unforeseen circumstances on the planet surface, the entire bridge crew is unavailable to record this week's episode! Instead, please enjoy some of our favorite moments left on the cutting room floor, from the first 9 episodes of the show!

9: Parentification

Join the intrepid team of Justine and Larisa as they explore the cosmic black hole of parentification, or: what happens when grownups aren't.

7: Family of Choice

Join Justine and Larisa as they explore the intricacies of families of choice with the help of the devil you know: Marvel's Daredevil.

6 Bonus: Away Mission to SDCC

In this very special bonus episode, the captain regales Spock with her adventures at San Diego Comic-Con. She also shares of her own fandom attachment experiences with two of the actresses from her beloved, Supernatural.

6: Fandom Attachments

Join Justine and Larisa as they explore the basis for some of the most important relationships in our lives: our relationships with fandom characters.

5: Self-Compassion

Join Justine and Larisa on a voyage of self-compassion as explored via warrior femmes in fandoms like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Laura Roslin.

3: Fanfiction IRL

On this voyage, Justine and Larisa discuss the narrative therapy technique known as re-authoring your identity, through the lens of fan fiction. Kirk learns about Spock's early forays into fanfic (who knew?!) and the crew discusses ways to use this tool in daily life.

2: The Westworld Construct

On this voyage, Justine and Larisa discuss Social Constructionism through the lens of Westworld, with some teen movie tropes thrown in for good measure. Listeners beware, you may just question the nature of your own reality.